EGObass Hyper 5 Pornograffity

EGObass Hyper 5 Pornograffity

EGObass Hyper 5 Pornograffity

High materials and evocative constructive techniques.
Essential Electronics for pick up alumitone. Asymmetrical Handle Bolt-on neck, assemblies assemblies, Ultra Light Headless Technology. Natural Oil Finish to emphasize the resistant of the woods.



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Chassis base wood: maple+paduk 
Laminated Top: multi layer inlay (Makassar/maple/swamp ash/poplar/paduk)
Chassis color:: NAT
Neck pickup:---
Middle pickup:Lace P split Alumitone® Black
Bridge pickup: Lace Alumitone Deathbar® Black
Bridge: 5 strings- black with ballbarings
Hearth wood: multi layer ( Makassar/maple/swamp ash/poplar/paduk/spruce)
Hearth color: NAT
Hearth Style: START (Vol + tone + 3way switch)
Arm wood: Multy layer ( Makassar/maple/swamp ash/poplar/paduk/ spruce)
Arm color: NAT
Arm: Model and
Screws: Black ERGAL 
Neck wood: Maple+ paduk+ inly makassar)
Neck shape:AVS (Asymmetric Variable Shape)
Fingerboard wood: birdeyemaple)
Fingerboard radius: Compound Radius 12"
Frets: 6130 type
Inlays: angel eye black 
Locking nuts:5 black
Strap Lock:Chrome(Flush Mount) black
NFC: certification

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