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Pure Mini - 3-Head Transducer for Acoustic Guitar

Pure Mini - 3-Head Transducer for Acoustic Guitar

Pure Mini - 3-Head Transducer for Acoustic Guitar

3-Head Transducer for steel string Acoustic Guitar - K&K Sound

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The Pure Mini is our award-winning, signature pickup for steel string acoustic guitars. The Pure Mini is a 3-head, bridge plate transducer. It features super balanced, flat sound transmission, warm woody tone without any quack and superior dynamic range all over the guitar's frequency spectrum. Our customers tell us that the Pure Mini's output is louder than any other passive pickup on the market.

Bridge plate transducers are the optimal choice for achieving a rich, natural guitar sound. The Pure's position on the bridge plate provides the perfect balance of sound, picking up all the strings without sounding harsh or percussive and "listening" to the sound board to amplify the unique characteristics of your guitar. The result is a warm, full-range signal that sounds great even without a preamp!
We recommend the Pure Mini (formerly Pure Western Mini) for all acoustic steel string guitars as a first choice. Direct installation with superglue gel is required for optimum performance but the system can be carefully removed without damage to your guitar (you may damage the pickup though). This pickup system will fit all standard steel string acoustic guitars.

Made in U.S.A.

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