EGO ALT Feat. Krzysztof Błas

EGO ALT Feat. Krzysztof Błas

EGO ALT Feat. Krzysztof Błas

This special version of the Ego alittle thunder signature is equipped with:
-Active electronic to perfectly mix the guitar and bass signal from A little thunder  pickup, with automatic regnition of the mono or stereo cable to have separate or  mixed signal path.
-N-Tune on board tuner on volume pot
-Splittable bridge pickup
-Thinner neck (-1mm)
-Tremol-no brige locking system



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    • Chassis base wood: Alder
    • Laminated Top: None
    • Chassis color: Race orange
    • Pickguard: Black Carbon Fiber
    • Neck pickup: A Little Thunder
    • Bridge pickup: Lace alumitone Deathbucker® Black
    • Bridge: Tremolo-6 strings- chrome
    • Hearth wood: Alder
    • Hearth color: HI-Black
    • Hearth Style: N-TUNE+
    • Arm wood: Alder
    • Arm color: Race orange
    • Arm: Modello C
    • Screws: Black & Chrome ERGAL
    • Neck wood: Maple HI-Black finish
    • Neck shape: Thin Taper AVS (Asymmetric Variable shape)
    • Fingerboard wood: Ebony
    • Fingerboard radius: Compound Radius 10" -16"
    • Frets: 6100 type
    • Inlays: Angel eye aluminium
    • Locking nuts: 6 Chrome
    • Strap lock: Chrome (STD)

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