EGO "Royal Crow" a unique model of the ART series. It offers amazing colors and artistic designs without forgetting the most important features and the best technologies. Each model in this series is compatible with accessories and upgrades, EGOguitar.

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Ego #My6 ART 

Offers new stunning finishes and colors. This model shows all the "must have" features. This model can be expanded with the Ego accesories upgrades.
Standard 25.5 " string lenght for 6 strings , extremely stable ebony fretboard, 0 fret in  titanium alloy . A multitude of sounds with its 3 pickups , all mixable in variable proportion. Bridge is made in brass and stainless steel milled from solid with robotic technologies and leveling bubble for a quick setup. The tuning takes place from the bridge in a fluid mode, thanks to all the bearings on the pads: real carbon fiber pickguard, ultra low action with the possibility to adjust the string height with the exclusive drum system, back shape of the neck follows the rotation of the shoulder and marks a new way of thinking the comfort and reach the body with our interlocking asymmetrical neck joint: the only that improves the performance of the musician's performance.


Model: # super6 ART
Wood chassis: poplar 
chassis color: Nat glossy + swirling 
Top: ART design "Blue flight"
Pickguard: ---
Neck pickup: Marconicoil MGR
Central pickup +: EMG® SAV inclined BLK
Bridge pickup: EMG® 85 BLK
Bridge: Floting  -6 Strings-cHr / BLk
Tremol-NO: ----
Hearth - wood: Poplar 
Hearth - color: Nat gloss + ART design
Hearth Style: Starter Vol + Tone + 5way switch
Arm - wood: Poplar 
Arm - color: Nat glossy+ ART design
Arm - style: mod. B
Screws: Violet
Bushings: Blk Ergal
Neck Wood: 3 Pcs Wengè/curly/Wengè Wavy joint
Neck color: Nat Glossy
Neck Shape: Variable shape (AVS)
Fingerboard: Birdeyes Maple
Radius: compound radius 10 "-16"
fret: type 6100
DOTS: Angel eye BLK
Side dots: BLK 2mm
Lock Nut: Chr / Blk
EGO Bag: standard

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