EGO My 6 S

EGO My 6 S

EGO My 6 S

EGO #Hyper 6 Music Never Stop

The world in 2020 has stopped.
All the people of the world have found themselves alone, without their normal activities. Music has never been more essential than it is now.
An EGO® in memory of a very long and complicated period for everyone, marking a turning point, teaching us that: there is always a new path.
A true symbol of the arising.

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EGO #Hyper 6 Music Never Stop
EGO #Hyper 6 Music Never Stop

Essential version of the #Hyper model with a unique look, dedicated to a period that will remain in history and engraved in everyone's memory.
Music Never Stop. The world of music and all the artists who live from it have found themselves without normal activities. But music has  fundamental in this 2020.
We found ourselves alone and far from everything and everyone. The way to get excited and to find ourselves close was music, an instrument in memory of a very long and complicated year for everyone.
A symbol of rebirth.
Equipped with the brand new SIIS pickups with no-coil technology with mappable EQ curve, Fantastic cleans with natural acoustics. Incisive on hi-gain.
Handle with AVS® shape and variable radius. Standard 25.5 "tuning fork for 6 strings and neck in hard rock maple seasoned 10 years. Fingerboard in extremely stable richlight material, 0 titanium fret. Bridge in brass and stainless steel milled from solid with robotic technologies and leveling bubble for a quick setup. The tuning takes place from the bridge in a fluid way thanks to all the couplings on bearings. Brushed aluminum pickguard. Hyper low action with the possibility of adjusting a tight string with the exclusive drum system. Variable rear neck crowning that follows the rotation of the shoulder and marks a turning point in the way of thinking about comfort and which joins the body with our asymmetrical neck joint: the only one capable of giving the player accessibility to the whole neck.

More color available

Chassis: Alder
Top: -
Chassis color: Music Never Stop
Pickguard: ---
Neck Pickup: ---
Slide middle pickup: white SIIS®
Slide Bridge Pickup: White SIIS®
Bridge: Tremolo-6 String (Chrome)
Hearth: Alder
Hearth color: Music Never Stop
Hearth Style: starter
Arm: Alder
Arm color: Music never stop
Arm: Model B
Allen keys: orange and black in ERGAL
Neck: Maple with natural satin finish
Neck Profile: AVS (Variable Asymmetrical Profile)
Keyboard: richlight
Fretboard Spoking: 10 "-16" offset
Keys: 6105
Key markers: Angel eye (Aluminum Alloy)
String Block: 6 Chrome
Shoulder strap: Dunlop secure locking

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