Manic Force Puzzle

Manic Force Puzzle

Manic Force Puzzle

The guitar out of the inspiration of the MarconiLAB is a tool in a limited series (2 instruments per year). Its features make it unique and always different. A very charming with modern techniques and avant-garde.  Delivery time: working 40gg.

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UNIQUE FEATURES: delivery time: working 40gg.
-BODY: 2 PCs. Swamp ash (light ash)
-Color: Butterscotch Blonde to nitro
-DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: double jack housing hole
V-neck: Canadian Maple Block
-HEADSTOCK: ESQUIRE and location as the original
                Double rope tightener (button 1 + 1 at Gull in graphteach)
                Mechanical holes diam. 10 mm + vintage mechanical view holes
-NUT: aged Tusq
-FRET: 21 keyboard mod. Pandit CUSTOM with triangular profile (HI-tune)
Truss rod: vintage-style single action with heel adjustment
-Relic: ESQUIRE ' 52 Bruce
-6 in line TUNERS: SCHALLER-Fender LOCK 
-NECK PLATE: 4 fixing screws TRIBUTE SERIES Relic
-PICKGUARD: black monolayer, fixing points 8 + relic
-BRIDGE: Style Telecaster. 6 harnesses then with Graphtech STEEL + Relic
-Pick-up: Neck (No Cover) 8.2 k/15 k Overwrapped with Bridge formula Pandit (Luthier of the BOSS) + Relic
-CONTROL PLATE: Pre wired with Pot, selector switch, cables and capacitor as the original + Relic
-JACK PLATE: custom Plate with edit, "Bruce" including Female Jack + Relic
-SCREWS: vintage style + Relic
-STRAP PIN: chrome SCHALLER Strap Lock
-STRINGS: D 011 Dariro/49

UNIQUE FEATURES: Delivery time: working 40gg.


-BODY: 20 PCs. Blocks selected high-grade timbers. Assembled with Puzzle technique

-Color: Natural (Polyurethane Finish)

-Characteristics: Body mounted with Puzzle technique By MArconiLAB (solid & partsnbsp; several species), handle with asymmetric reflectors, helical blade profile split 3 + 3

V-neck: Canadian Maple with shape "ThorX" by MarconiLAB (asymmetric reflectors).

-P: helical profile with mechanical mounting in line 3 + 3 split 

                Mechanical holes diam. 10 mm

-NUT: brass PerfcTUNE by MarconiLAB

-FRET: keys 21 mod. 6130

-: Double-action TRUSS ROD at headstock

-Mechanical properties: 6 in line 3 + 3 split by MarconiLAB, sperzel locking Black

-NECK PLATE: 4 fastening screws Black

-PICKGUARD: 4 mm Acrylic White semi-transparent

-Bridge: trem I By MarconiLAB Prototype With tremsetter, Black

-Pick-up: can customize the set on board

-CONTROL: STD VOL + Layer 2 + switch positions 5 TONES and Orange drop capacitor. 022uF




-STRINGS: D 010 Dariro/48

-PREMIUM Hard Case-


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