EGO EASY - on line builder-

EGO EASY - on line builder-

EGO EASY - on line builder-

Basic configuration on offer launch for 24 hours only on March 26, 2017 to coincide exposure CUSTOM SHOP MILANO'17 .

Ego is the right choice for the musicians who wants to play an EGO but need a more competitive price.


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Imagine a world where you can create a guitar  quickly and easily . Imagine using a powerful tool to be able to easily customize it in all its parts . Imagine you focus on your real needs . Imagine you're the only one with an advanced guitar like this . Imagine playing with an object designed by you with the best technical solutions and the best materials . Imagine having destroyed the " Standard " and that it has reached your Custom Experience. Now wake up from the dream and enter the world EGO . Are you ready for your guitar , Create your EGO !
My Ego is fully configurable and the few fixed characteristics of this model are :

  • diapason 648mm construction headless ( can ' mount any type of strings )
  • 6 strings
  • reinforced neck and double trussrod and bars

Ego #EASY thanks to its low cost offers everyone the opportunity to Entering the EGO world. This guitar is always built in our workshops, but with some differences from the upper models:

  • Tremolo bridge # EASY
  • Humbucker pickups #EASY (other choices available in the configurator)
  • One piece body with no detachable and replaceable parts
  • Available only in version 6 strings standards
  • Available in black, red, blue, white

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Product Options
Mid pickup
Mid pickup

Select between the various options available .

EGO uses the exclusive pickup LACE Alumitone in a particular configuration , bench tested to great performance, but you can also install your favorite pickup, contacting us .

For powerful sound and rich bass we offer the brand new pickup "A little thunder". More detail and media available here.

Neck pickup
Neck pickup

Same choices for the bridge pickup .

A choice is also the slanted pickup .This particular positioning is designed to balance and compensate for the natural humbuckers tones.

Neck color

This tint will be applied also on the back of the neck. The fingerboard side and the front is not affected by this selection.

Neck shape

The shape of the neck is mainly important .

The variable shape is a very complex shape , designed in order to give a great comfort. The neck section varies continuously from the first fret continusly, following the natural movement of the hand.

The neck section is not round but asymmetric .

Widely  appreciated by those who are very innovative and demanding . The best choice to express the full potential of your EGO .

The standard thin is the standard shape that you find today on a standard strat style neck standard .

Fat is back is the bigger and rounder shape that we offer. Often used in the vintage necks .

Fingerboard wood
Fingerboard wood

The table below lists the frequency response of some wood suitable for the fingerboard.

Some fingerboards like like the one made in dark wood are less vulnerable to usage, than  those in  maple, that requires greater care in the use .


Choose now your preferred fret size . Select between  different sizes and dimensions .

The code number refers to the model :

- 6100 Jumbo Great for Tapping , Hammer on and pull off

- Jumbo 6105 ( the most widely used model ) Good balance between intonation and playability .

- 6130 Medium Jumbo Great for Bending .

- 6230 Medium Great for slide , control and smoothness . Perfect intonation .


Choose the best solution ' to suit your taste

Control plate
Hearth Style

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