Body First Wife Relic-SRV-

Body First Wife Relic-SRV-

Body First Wife Relic-SRV-

A tribute to a superhuman guitarist and ... SRV! There would be nothing else to add except that this Body per layer is one of the worn bodies and suffered for excellence, a replica and a special tribute to a musician who gave us great emotions. Delivery time: 30 days of employment.

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Body replica of the "FIRST WIFE" by Stevie. We have faithfully recreated the wear and the various changes that characterize this unmistakable body.



Delivery period: 30-day trial period



 2PCs. Alder


 3-tone Sunburst + Real Relic


 S-S-S with editing deck for vintage vibrato bridge Lefty


 Engraving "s. r. Vaughan" close to fixing the ropes and stickers "SRV" and "CUSTOM"




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