Body Frankestrat-Eddie-

Body Frankestrat-Eddie-

Body Frankestrat-Eddie-

Faithful replica of eclectic Frankestrat body ... EVH! All the details are handled with care and miuzia to recreate the effect stripes worn and bastard. Exudes instinctive genius. Delivery time: 30 days of employment.

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Body replica of "Frankestrat" by EDDIE. We have faithfully recreated the wear and the various changes that characterize this unmistakable body.



Delivery period: 30-day trial period



 2PCs. II selection with ash


 Stripes 3 colors (black-white-red) + Real Relic


 S-S-S hand-edited, enlarged the position to the bridge for HB


 Coloring stripes to scotch mounting cylinder, American bridge, mass 1/4 of the 1971 dollar as Floyd, thick 6 screws vintage bridge hardware and 2 pivot holes Floyd Rose.

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