VANDALISM Strat Tribute Kurt

VANDALISM Strat Tribute Kurt

VANDALISM Strat Tribute Kurt

A symbol of NIRVANA guitar, a tribute to Kurt Cobain.

Technical characteristics and LOOK, VANDALISM.

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-Body: Wood

 2 PCs. Alder (Alder)






 Adhesive  "Vandalism: As beautiful as a rock in a cop's face"

-Wooden Handle:



 MOD. American STD


 white synthetic


 keys 21 mod. 6105

-Truss rod:

 the double action Blade

-Mechanical properties:

 6 in line Fender American STD. (Moderne)

-Neck Plate:

 4 mounting screws (included) 


 3pcs black BWB, 11 points


 Vintage Stratocaster style tremolo. 6 fixing screws 


 Neck American STD White/Med American STD White/Bridge Seymour Duncan JB Black


 VOL + TONE + TONE Knobs Black

-Jack Plate:




-Strap Pin:

 Strap Lock chrome


 D 010 Dariro/46


This guitar Was destroyed in Paris inthe winter of 1991 or the the spring of 1992.


After the death by Kurt the guitar He was found still in pieces. Restores completely by Earnie Bailey,  the current owner.

 This guitarwants to be a tribute to the singer, the artist immortal character Kurt Cobain. It is not a PERFECT COPY!!


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