Frankestrat-II Tribute is one of the most recognized Rock guitars in the world!

Every detail is studied in detail. The sound, the feel, the look of the "child" of Eddie.

Don't miss this piece of modern art. Embraces and plays the legend!

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-BODY: 2 PCs. Ash (2ND choice) 

-Color: 3 colors Stripes EVH (white, black and red)

-Features: Pick up the Bay Bridge to argato manually, 1 coin/dollar U.S.A 4.1971, custom pickguardcreated by a vinyl record, placed in 5 Selector pick up Central, pick up the handle not working, volume knob marked TONE, Pin shoulder bag made with retaining rings and carabiners, typical consumption and cigarette burns on the headstock.

-NECK: Maple Byrd II's choice

-FRETBOARD: Maple Byrd II's choice

-HEADSTOCK: STD Layer consumption and burns like the original

                modifica per blocca corde, tendi corde a barra 

                Fori meccaniche diam. 10 mm

-NUT: Floyd chords chrome Crashes (43 mm)

-FRET: keys 21 mod. Jumbo

-Truss rod: vintage style single action with heel adjustment

-Relic: Frankestrat 2

-Mechanical properties: 6 in line SCHALLER mini + the real relic

-NECK PLATE: 4 fixing screws TRIBUTE SERIES 

-PICKGUARD: Custom vinyl disc + the real relic

-Bridge: Floyd Rose Classic chrome + the real relicRelic

-PICK-UP: Neck Single coil (No Cover) not working/Bridge HB EVH Series + Relic

-CONTROL: Pot  Volume con manopola "Tone" , selettore abbandonato nell'alloggio del pick                     up centrale (non funzionante) cavi come l'originale + the real Relic

-JACK PLATE:  STD cromato+ the real Relic

-SCREWS: Relic

-STRAP PIN:  EVH Style (anelli latch with carabiners)

-STRINGS: D Dariro 09/42




-The true story of the Frankenstrat Eddie.-


The Frankenstrat called by Eddie "Baby", was Van Halen's attempt to combine the sound of a guitar Gibson with the physical attributes of a Fender.

 Eddie assemblò la first version of the frankenstrat 1974. Purchased a body and a handle for $ 130 from firm Boogie Bodies. The Frankenstrat is ash body of second choice (due to a knot on the front). The handle was made of Maple second Byrd with the following keyboard and headstock Stratocaster models. Originally the Chambers of pick up were STD (SSS) and the fixing for the bridge was for a vintage six screws. Eddie changed personally axle housing to insert a HB Paf Gibson. Later changed even the bridge and changed the body to mount a Floyd Rose model.

Initially the instrument was White with red stripes and black pickguardthe first bridge was a fender vintage. From 1975 to 1984, and was his favorite guitar, the next period began the partnership with Kramer. Eddie later mounting of Floyd,discounted even the size of the pickguard. The coloring was applied an additional masking with red paint that overlapped the first. The pick up, a paf rewound and waxed were screwed directly into the wood of the body for a better resonance. The Floyd rested upon a a quarter of a dollar that allowed greater excursion of fine tuning screws. The burglary of the other two pick ups were filled with a switch and a single coil practically useless because work was just the bridge pickup with a single volume. In the years ' 80 Eddie was the reference point for all guitaristsRock and beyond, which was regularly courted by most famous houses (Fender, Gibson, Jackson) but he continued playing almost solely with this guitar "Bell" the only to have in his opinion the "brown sound" that made him famous. 


Eddie Van Halen

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