Eccelenza Artigiana Piemonte

HI Rocker, and welcome!


If you didn't know us before our entry into the WEB, maybe you might like to know that our first ten years of life were spent in a luthery  workshop "almost" classic, including construction,  restoration of classical instruments and electrical. We say "almost" because we have always tried to develop methods and construction techniques with the use of CNC machinery that would allow us to meet any need.

Our shop and workshop : Liuteria Marconi snc is located in Cureggio in provice of Novara, a small town near lago Orta and Maggiore.

Always sensitive to the new technologies we  worked to achieve high quality standards so in February 2011, we decided to enter the wonderful world of the web.

What we propose.

Surely the convenience of a  professional guitar and bass custom shop  on hand, open 24h with quotes in real time. Your questions or clarifications will always be answersed , directly by: David Torriani & Guido Brancalion luthiers of Liuteria Marconi snc. Home delivery with deadlines. Quality materials and workmanship of the highest level.

  Processes within a laboratory received the "EXCELLENCE ARTIGIANA musical instruments 2003" Piedmont Region.

This is our philosophy: professionalism, quality, availability and speed.

Our desire is to be able, through our, to give everyone the opportunity to enter the fantastic world of the Electric luthery.

With our online configurators we can offer everyone a simple and intuitive approach ensuring maximum customization of its instrument. In a few "CLICK" you can see, with a graphic simplification, what will be your instrument.

Personalization is the key word. We are able to grant any wish.

Our very large catalog give you the opportunity to customize and dress  your instrument.

We are also available for custom projects outside Standards or personal needs.

Our  research and development enrich weekly us to always give what you need.

If you do not find something, report it, we will make sure to put it in our catalog as soon as possible.


Greetings from all the STAFF!