[d:gtar] Project 7 Strings

[d:gtar] Project 7 Strings

[d:gtar] Project 7 Strings

7 guitar strings of Italian Design. Pickup selector Touch Sensible Skin (selection by touching the pickguard), Special 3D Encoder VOL-TONE parameters and switching. Multiscale shape handle twisted handle. PU Deathbacker and Alumitone ABM bridge.   Delivery time: 45 working days.

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TECHNICAL: CARATRTERISTICHE  Delivery time: 45 working days.


-Body: Swamp
-Fun Birdeye Maple Neck: asymmetric Schape
-Fretboard: Ebony 23 Fan Fret mod. 6130
-Headstock: less
-Pickups Alumitone Deathbucker split Lace:
-Controls: Touch Switch Sensible Skin Special 3D multi-& parametric Encoder
-Joint: 5 Bolt on neck
-Bridge: ABM 3210b Single Guitar Bridge Black Multi scale. (7 Strings)

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