Truss-rod replacement (conservative)

Truss-rod replacement (conservative)

Truss-rod replacement (conservative)

Restores a compromised by inevvicacia of Truss-rod. Replacing the old Truss-rod exhausted it optimizes the action and then the playability and comfort. Delivery time: 15 working days.

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JOB DESCRIPTION: (time: 15 days after receipt of the instrument or parts)



(order minimal impact)

handle removal, extraction truss-rod grinding Chamber, exhausted,

nuvo truss, insert any tweaks, intervention effectiveness control.


reassembly, adjustment and optimization tool handle,

adjusting action.




Every budget or intervention, will be susceptible to variations in relation to the time it takesfor the completion of the same. Any changes will be promptly communicated to the customer for acceptance. Liuteria Marconi snc reserves the right to vary the price proposed on budget with adequate recalculation thereof, if the customer wishes to make changes to the project agreed.

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