& Wiring set-up SUSTAINIAC

& Wiring set-up SUSTAINIAC

& Wiring set-up SUSTAINIAC

A highly professional service to make best use of this very complex electronics. 

Cabling installation and set-up complete (electronic kit not included).Delivery time: 8 working days.

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JOB DESCRIPTION: (Timing: 8 working days after receipt of the instrument)

N.b: The electronic kit SUSTANIAC is excluded from cost.



with all the unnecessary operation of electronics


on board of all components that make up the model susteniac


complete electronic control settings and general effectiveness


adjustment handle adjustment action, 

 tremolo bridge balance (if any),

octaves, height pick-ups, control parts mechanical,

changing strings (wetsuit SIT with scaling to be agreed). 

The final Acoustic test.


Every budget or intervention, will be susceptible to variations in relation to the time taken to complete the same. Any changes will be promptly communicated to the customer for acceptance. Liuteria Marconi snc reserves the right to vary the price proposed on budget with adequate recalculation thereof, if the customer wishes to make changes to the project agreed.

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