FIREPLACE Tribute Brian

FIREPLACE Tribute Brian

FIREPLACE Tribute Brian

Ran the year 1963 when was born the legendary Red Special to b. May. A guitar with Handmade design and ... Dedicated to a unique and contemporary rock. Our version is a remake of the original! Definitely friendlier.Delivery time: working 40gg.

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Delivery time: working 40gg


-Body: Wood

 2 pz. ogano ( contour come l'originale)


 Rosso-bruno di Rustin’s Plastic Coating

-Wooden Handle:

 Acero  curly maple AAAA


 Inclinazione e contour come l'originale


 Graphtec Black


 22 tasti mod. 6150

-Truss rod:

 doppia azione alla paletta

-Mechanical properties:

 3+3 Sperzel CH

-Bolt on:

 fissaggio a 4 viti 


 Nero monostrato (contour come l'originale)


 Style T-o-M CH corde through body


 Set replica Burns TRI-sonic


 Vol+Tono+Selettore 5 vie+Mini switch serie/parallelo



-Strap Pin:

 Strap Lock cromati


 Optima Gold 009/42

It is not a PERFECT COPY!

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