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SET-UP max

Maintenance dedicated to the Bass and Electric Guitar. General cleaning, lfret polishing, neck adjustment, action adjustment,/span>tremolo bridge balance, octaves, heightpick-ups, check electronic parts and masses, check parts tuners, complete fretboard grinding, string change (SIT set with scaling to be agreed) Final acoustic test. Delivery times: 10 working days.

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WORK DESCRIPTION: (Timeframe: 10 days from receipt of the instrument)



body, neck (POLISCH), fingerboard (Lemon Oil),

Lkey polishing, electronic cleaning


handle, action strings,/span>tremolo bridge balance (if present),

pitch and octaves, pitchpickups/span>,

string change (SIT, scaling to be agreed)


verifyspan style="font-style:normal;font-size:11px;font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">nut and electronic parts, control of mechanical parts and screws.


complete with the entire fingerboard with recrowning and polishing of the frets.


set of strings (SIT) with scaling to be agreed.

Final acoustic test.


Each estimate or intervention will be subject to variations in relation to the time taken to complete it. Any variation will be promptly communicated to the clients for acceptance. Liuteria Marconi snc reserves the right to vary the price proposed on the estimate with an adequate recalculation of the same, should the customer wish to make changes to the agreed project.pan>

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