Mechanical Mounting

Mechanical Mounting

Mechanical Mounting

Set mechanical replacement. Up-Grade and useful modifications to improve and stabilize tuning of your instrument. (mechanical sets excluded). Delivery time: 3 working days.

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JOB DESCRIPTION: (timing: 3 days from receipt of the instrument)



mechanical set STD


If necessary change the diameter of the hole of the PIN, occlusion of mechanical restraint, touch-ups.


installation of new mechanical set (not included)


              The final Acoustic test. 



Every budget or intervention, will be susceptible to variations in relation to timeused for the completion of the same. Any changes will be promptly communicated to the customer for acceptance. Liuteria Marconi snc reserves the right to vary the price proposed on budget with adequate recalculation thereof, if the customer wishes to make changes to the project agreed.

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