Body Frankestrat -Eddie-

Body Frankestrat -Eddie-

Body Frankestrat -Eddie-

Faithful replica of the eclectic Frankestrat body...EVH! All the details are taken care of with attention and detail to recreate the worn and bastard stripes effect. He exudes instinctive brilliance. Delivery times: 30 working days.

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Body replica of EDDIE's "Frankestrat". We have faithfully recreated the wear and various modifications that characterize this unmistakable bodysuit.



2 pcs. Ash II choice with knot


Stripes 3 Colors (Black-White-Red) + Real Relic


Manually modified SSS, enlarged the bridge position for HB insertion

-Particular signs:

Spray paint stripes, American tape fixing bridge mass, 1/4 dollar from 1971 as Floyd thickness, bridge fixings, 6 vintage screws and 2 holes for Floyd Rose pivot.

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