Esquire '52 Style Bodysuit -Bruce-

Esquire '52 Style Bodysuit -Bruce-

Esquire '52 Style Bodysuit -Bruce-

Esquire '52 Bruce Springsteen tribute bodysuit. A Rock icon! dedicated to enthusiasts and fans of the "BOSS".

Swamp Ash butterscotch 2 pieces, with consumption and details like Springsteen's legendary "rogue"!

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Body copy of Bruce Springsteen's Esquire '52. We have faithfully recreated the wear and various modifications that characterize this unmistakable bodysuit.


Delivery times: 30 working days


2 pcs. Swamp ash (light ash)


copy consumption -Springsteen-


Butterscotch Blonde on nitro

-Particular signs:

double hole jack housing


  • Bruce Springsteen Handle
    "Esquire" handle -B...

    A faithful copy of an iconic handle. Spectacular Esquire '52 Relic mod. Bruce Springsteen with consumption and features like the original. Very detailed, nothing...

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